How Grim Was My Valley

A shockingly true account of a life lived in extraordinary testing times in the 1960’s and 1970’s England. A working class village emptied of its industry, provides the background to a thoughtful, upsetting and laugh out loud account of one boys story.

An inspiring true life story that will have you aching with laughter and wiping away tears. A triumphant debut.” Mark Sinclair Author

A poignant coming of age memoir. Chris Griffiths tells his story of growing up in Weedon with wry humour and endearing compassion. An atmospheric book that will linger in the mind. A five star read.Patricia Hilton-Johnson Author and Critic

How Grim Was My Valley - Chris Griffiths - Author
The Furry Angel - Chris Griffiths - Author

The Furry Angel

A dog is a man’s best friend.

For Chris Griffiths his dog was more than his best friend. His dog was his nurse, his counsellor, his best friend and at times his only hope.

Helping him to face the reality of life after a damaging mental breakdown. The Furry Angel tells a heart rending tale about redemption, sadness, hope and most of all love. The Furry Angel is a book you will never forget and will have you laughing as well as brushing away the odd tear.

Another five star read.

The Healing Of The Wasichu

Can you find what you weren’t looking for? For a troubled Chris Griffiths, the last thing on his mind was travel. His world was his dog, Pip. The only borders he crossed were in his garden. The thought of international travel was as alien as going to the moon.

So, when he found himself in the vastness of Arizona, it could only mean one thing – disaster.

It wasn’t long before he found something that he thought he would never find – peace. There began a love story and an unforgettable journey between one man, one state and the people of that majestic and beautiful part of the world.

The Healing Of The Wasichu - Chris Griffiths - Author
How Verde Was Their Valley? - Chris Griffiths - Author

How Verde Was Their Valley?

For Chris Griffiths home is where the heart is. Whether it’s on a small plot of land in England with his family and beloved dog or amidst the vast open expanse of Arizona with his spiritual family of the Yavapai Apache.

How Verde Was Their Valley? Is set amongst politically turbulent times with the world seemingly going down hill fast and personal tragedy striking at the very heart of Chris’s life. Once again he ventures out on a journey hoping to find peace and emotional clarity.

With trade mark honesty he looks at modern life, from home and abroad and asks some searching questions about where we’re all heading -and why.

Tomorrow We Get To Do It All Again

Have you ever heard of Jerome Grand Hotel? It is that wonderful old building that sits near the top of a mountain, in the mining town of Jerome, Arizona. A beautiful majestic building converted from a hospital to a hotel.

Many of you may be familiar with the reputation for ghosts and spirits. But for the very first time the owner, staff and guests have decided to entrust Chris with their experiences.

Join Chris in this short novella opening the doors on this enchanting place. The hotel where everyone enters with a suitcase, and leaves with a smile or a story.

Tomorrow We Get To Do It All Again - Chris Griffiths - Author
The Teenage Romance of Michigan - Chris Griffiths - Author

The Teenage Romance Of Michigan.

A wonderful true story of possibly one of the most perfectly documented love stories ever recorded.

Chris Griffiths was amazed when a reader of his books in the US sent him a private message via the internet. The message simply said “Dear Chris, I have read your books and I loved them. Would you like to write my late Mom and Dads story”. How could he? He didn’t know them.

Two weeks later a giant airmailed box was sitting on his doorstep in central England. Inside that massive carton was over 1000 love letters dated 1948-1954. Chris opened a letter and struggled to read the faded writing. So he put the letter back and carried on with his life. It wasn’t until his dog Saffy was looking inside the box that Chris decided to take another look.

During the past two years Chris transcribed every single letter. They are soon to be released as six books. Every beautiful hand written letter had to be matched with its well preserved envelope. And every heart wrenching letter had to be put in the right order.

This has been a labour of love. But I write this story for every romantic out there. Never has a love story been so complete. It takes you on a journey through teenage years in Flint, Michigan, USA, just after World War Two. A working class environment on the brink of another global war. Made only easier by their undying love. And like all relationships full of pain and heartache. Will love conquer all?

Don’t Separate Us

The second book in this incredible love story. A box of letters lay hidden away for over seventy years.

This true story set in Michigan is finally being told. All they want to do is marry, love and be together. But everyone is trying to keep them apart. Read the love letters as they struggle on through their journey. No purer love story has been this well documented.

A follow up to “The Teenage Romance of Michigan”

Don't Separate Us - Chris Griffiths - Author
From Michigan to New York - Chris Griffiths - Author

From Michigan to New York

From Michigan to New York is the third book in this incredible true life story. Bill and Patsy are struggling to stay together. All they want is each other. But family and war want them apart. Her family think it is good to send her away. This book is the follow up to Don’t Separate Us. Can they make it?

Love, Hope and Bootcamp

Love, Hope and Bootcamp is the fourth book in this incredible true love story. All the information has been carefully transcribed from over 1000 original love letters.

For four years the teenagers Patsy and Bill have fought to be together. But now is perhaps their biggest battle. The country is at war, and they are separated yet again. Poor Patsy is devastated as her one true love is prepared for war.

Love, Hope and Bookcamp - Chris Griffiths - Author
Please Wait  For Me  - Chris Griffiths - Author

Please Wait For Me

Please Wait for Me is the fifth book in this incredible journey. A true story transcribed from over 1000 love letters.

Join me as I take you back seventy years in this wonderful romance. We have felt the pain, struggle and heartache of the previous four years. But most of all we have felt the undying pure love that Bill and Patsy have for each other. Will Bill go to war? Will Patsy see him again? Will they get to be together forever? Will love conquer all?

***To be released shortly***

From Yokosuka With Love

From Yokosuka With Love is the final book in this incredible love story. Travel back in time seventy years to a love so beautiful, it was worth fighting for. Live through poverty, hardship, tornadoes, tsunami’s, separation and war.

A heart wrenching fully documented journey of two teenage lovers. Every word taken from over 1000 original love letters.

Join me on the last part of their journey. Is real love only for the movies and fairy tales? Or can we working classes live happily ever after too.

Tomorrow We Get To Do It All Again - Chris Griffiths - Author
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