Kindness doesn’t have a colour

Jul 7, 2023

Today I experienced a moment of unconditional kindness.

I was working on someone’s garden for them, and the weather was unusually hot. In fact the sweat was pouring out of me. I was deep in thought and song when a DPD driver pulled up alongside where I was standing. He jumped out of his cab and said “you look very hot my friend “. He then handed me a bottle of water. He gave me his own personal bottle. I was extremely grateful. I told him that his kind act reminded me of my childhood growing up in Weedon Bec. When the local people looked out for each other. When the whole village looked out for the neighbourhood kids. The driver said it sounded very nice. But this man wasn’t born during that era, he was far too young. And he wasn’t from that area that I once lived. In fact he was from Romania. The stranger from Eastern Europe had given me his own stash of water.

We chatted for thirty minutes and I learned all about his life. He is happily married, he has two children, he has two jobs, and he is paying off his mortgage as soon as he can. He pays his taxes, his little boy plays in the local football team, and he is proud that he and his wife donate blood. Yet he has had his windows egged on more than one occasion. And racist abuse is hurled at him and his family. He wipes away the mess from his windows and carries on loving this country, and the opportunity it has given him. To see his hurt eyes well up broke my heart. When did some of my fellow countrymen become so narrow minded and bigoted? Was it when politicians used the word immigrant to divide us? Was it when the media decided to make it good viewing? When did it become acceptable to turn on our fellow man?

Many years ago I nearly died and had to have a blood transfusion. I never asked where that blood came from. I recently had someone tell me that they couldn’t have their operation, because there was a backlog of immigrants. I recently visited that hospital. And yes it was full of immigrants. But it wasn’t the patients. In fact most of the medical staff were from other parts of the world. They were here busy saving our lives. I then thought back to my own maternal family, and wondered if they received the same rhetoric. After all they were Yugoslavian Jews. My paternal Welsh families actual dna shows up as 100% Viking. I like to think of them as farmers fleeing the Mongol hordes, and not the rapers and pillagers of the history books. But this country is wonderful because it is a melting pot of every continent. My family has served this country for generations, and we were once immigrants.

Please don’t let the media divide us. After all one day you might be grateful for that bottle of water, or pint of blood.

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Do you know why I prefer dogs to some humans? Because they are consistent. Today myself and Saff were reminded about sympathy and empathy. On our morning walk we bumped into our friend the post lady. We call her Mary, but it isn’t actually her name. I started calling her that ten years ago and it made her smile. So we left it right there. She has been struggling recently because her Mum is very poorly and has dementia. Mary is a wonderful daughter who goes to the hospital straight after work. I stopped and had a chat with her today for about twenty minutes, and I watched as a tear rolled down her cheek. My heart broke for her as Saffy nudged her for a stroke. Saff could also see she was upset. Our moment of sadness was interrupted by a very abrupt man who said she had put the wrong mail through his letterbox, it belonged to next door. She apologised and he tutted. Her head was bowed as she carried on with delivering. I walked in the same direction as the angry man and quietly said that Mary’s Mum was poorly and she was having a tough time. He just shrugged his shoulders as if to say not my problem. My exact words to him were as follows. “My mate Micky was right”. He curiously responded “What”. My answer was “ He always says you cannot educate pork”. There was complete silence as I looked directly through him. What makes people heartless? What teaches us empathy? It reminded me of when I was eight years old. There was a tiny boy in our class and we nicknamed him Budgie. One day the horrible headmaster Mr Newman stormed into our classroom bellowing “ Who has walked dog muck into the school”? Us small children were petrified as we all checked our footwear. He was a believer in the slipper, hand and cane. A horrible man by anybody’s standard. A heartless, soulless bully who terrified us kids. Poor Budgie had dog muck on his tiny monkey boots. Mr Newman dragged him out of the class, punished him, and made him wash his boots under the tap. It wasn’t his fault that all the village people let their dogs go to the toilet outside the school, people didn’t pick up then. I remember tears flowing down my face because Budgie was crying. His Mum had died a couple of years before, and his Dad was left to raise him. Even at that very early age I realised that even the educated adults can be bad. And people who have a limited education can be very good. ... See MoreSee Less
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Myself and Saff were looking out into the garden. I have been working on the new book, deep in concentration. She is snoring away now but I still chat to her as she sleeps. Since I have been doing that she hasn’t had one of her epileptic seizures. Talking constantly in a gentle tone keeps her calm. Over two years without a fit. But if she does I just lay on the ground beside her, and hold her shaking body into mine. Keeping her calm keeps me calm. It is strange how life works if you sit and think about it. As humans we can send people to the moon. We can build great big metal ships that can float. We can make bombs that will decimate the planet. But we cannot invent cures for certain illnesses. And we cannot control the emotional pain we feel when we lose someone out of our lives. I saw something that amused me earlier. My first reaction was to share it with someone. Momentarily I forgot they were no longer around. For a minute I felt that heartache again. Then I had to put it back in that pain box. It is wonderful to have the nice memories. But the reality is everything has an end. ... See MoreSee Less
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It is days like today that my heart is full. I am not the wealthiest man in the world but I feel rich. I am not the fittest man in the world but the air that I breathe is clean. I do not want much but I have plenty. The sun was shining down as we dug and planted. Saff was no more than a few feet from my side. I felt her presence beside me and I received every ounce of her love. She leaned in and pressed into my neck. That moment made me well up. Tomorrow will not be that great. Next week will no doubt have challenges. But today is perfect. Please have a wonderful Sunday. ... See MoreSee Less
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Myself and Saff are blessed to know some really lovely people. I was invited to a wonderful ladies 40th birthday party today. But I decided that this afternoon and evening I was having a dog only day. I had seen enough people and my quota was full. Hence I didn’t turn up to her celebration. But the kind hearted beauty sent myself and Saffo a doggy bag each, filled with cake, candy, fruit and all kind of delicious items. ... See MoreSee Less
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That look on Saffy’s face is disbelief. She watched as her very cheeky daddy got out cheeked by an octogenarian. We went to the garden centre to pick up essentials for the summer garden look. I threw on my blue shorts, very casual sweat top and trainers, and had a devilish vibe going on. As we wandered amongst the blooms and compost two old girls started fussing Saffy. One of the ladies said “Aren’t you beautiful “? I cheekily replied “ Why thank you honey kitten”. She raised her head and said “Did you dress yourself today”? Nearly speechless I said “Actually I look like Russell Crowe “. Her answer before they guffawed very loudly was “More like a scarecrow”. When did old uns become so ruthless lol? This is middle England for you. But I did join in with the laughter. ... See MoreSee Less
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